Hope and Healing Possibility Coaching

About 30 years ago I figured I knew just about everything I needed to know. I had a new college degree, a husband, gainful employment, church, friends, and the belief that life would go on without too many changes.

Older now, possibly wiser, and humbled by life, Ive noticed that somewhere between the ages of 30 and 70, most people are given the opportunity (or have it thrust upon them) to take a fresh look at themselves and their goals. Its not always an easy or a pleasant look. Some folks even call it a "crisis." While this can be a very difficult time, it can also be a truly incredible gift.

Are you ready to create a new life chosen with wisdom and the maturity of life experience? I find the experience of coaching an adult as they re-create their life incredibly exciting and meaningful. Marching to the beat of their own drummer, these are people who set aside what doesnt fit or work anymore, and take action to create the life they want. If this is the direction in which youd like to head, I salute you and encourage you! If you think having a personal coach might help you, Id like to offer you a free initial telephone consultation. Call me at (206) 999.3883

Why do people work with a coach?

Personal questioning / growth

Seeking a new and more-meaningful spiritual life

Career change

Change in family situation divorce, new marriage, empty nest

Change in health

Surviving a near-death experience

Important Note: Coaching is NOT the same as therapy. For many people therapy is necessary and extremely helpful. Coaching is exclusively about looking forward, whereas therapy includes looking at the past, present, and the future. Here are some important differences:

Therapy is about healing; coaching is about achievement

Therapy is about understanding; coaching is about action

Therapy is about safety; coaching is about momentum

Therapy is about progress; coaching is about performance

Therapy is about protecting; coaching is about attracting

Therapy is about resolving; coaching is about creating

If you are dreaming big dreams and want help in making them happen, give me a call.